Creating a Culture of Innovation

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I am enamored with number two in the list I’ve linked to. Teach Creativity Systematically, in Mr. Swartz’ list below. I am already contemplating, at how I can be the one to teach Systematic Creativity where I work company.

LEGO® are an awesome tool for understanding systematic creativity. Kristiansen, Lego’s founder, wanted to create a toy that kids could put together over and over. A LEGO product is never finished. Most kits come with some sort of scene or object that the designers/marketers chose and in that we do get a finished piece, or do we? LEGO’s are timeless and never obsolete. The “system” in LEGO’s is the way at which every piece can connect in some way to another. This way my childhood LEGO’s (what escaped the vacuum) and my son’s Lego’s today still work in tandem.

Imagine if the job of a company’s leadership was merely to make new and interesting LEGO pieces for us in the field to use. My what cool stuff we would build.

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