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First and foremost I understand that graphic/commercial design is a business service and therefore must be quality, effective and profitable.

I have successfully built an in-house team of designers tasked specifically with helping to solve business problems. I myself designed several presentations used to land multimillion dollar deals, win lawsuits and create companies. I reworked our design structure and processes to maximize cost efficiency without sacrificing creative input and design evolution.

Knowing the difference between fantastic fine art and a solid design solution is what sets me apart from my peers. My expertise lies in managing the process and competing desires placed between the designer, the customer and business objectives, thus getting the best possible result from each component.

In the beginning, I walk the client through a very clear design process so they are fully aware of what to expect. I what the design experience to be as much theirs as possible, at the same time I need the process of getting there to be all mine.

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