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Rowan Gets a New Room

My son inherited the under-the-sea room when we bought this house. The previous owner had hand painted this beautiful mural which

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Mission Montessori

My daughter, Willow graduated 8th grade at Mission Montessori last night. Next year is high school. Gone is the small classroom and tight

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Garage to Office Conversion

Day 1: After about five hours of rearranging, I was able to get everything out of the third garage bay and

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A beautiful chain of events.

Rowan lost a tooth the day before yesterday. According to Cricket’s tradition, she placed the tooth in a sandwich baggie

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Free Range

Our rain barrels are a success and just in time for monsoon season. We are full to the brim with

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Ten things I did on the weekend

I had a great three day weekend with my family. We used our time to get some needed things done

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Growth Strategy

After a very fun morning together, I told my eight year old son, Rowan, to stop getting older and just

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The Future of Dating

Today is my 21 anniversary and I believe it spawned this particular car conversation between myself and my 8 year

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I have been a creative director, designer, photo retoucher, photographer, trainer and small business owner. I’ve been a waiter, welder,

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Swear Words

My 8 year old son and I were running errands last weekend. From the back seat Rowan inquires, “Dad?” “What

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