Designing for the “yes” is a creative killer.

Posted by Taylor |14 Feb 12 | 0 comments

Believing that innovation or creativity is a mere process, and playing to that prescribed set of tasks gets me every time. I am a “right” brainier, mostly. However, In a room replete with designers, I’m a clearly more of a “left” brainier. Even in a room full of accountants, I can hold my left brain own, unless they start talking math.

As I read Helen Walter’s, “The Seven Deadly Sins That Choke Out Innovation” I found myself not having the usual feelings of being misunderstood by the corporate world, but a guilty perpetrator of trying to manage and control creative output. This is the downside to filling it that ambassador position between creatives and corporates.

We do experience the so called “wasted” time of designs not used, and in our corporate setting it is hard to place value on created items lining the trash can. So we try to design to functional usable ends. Designing for the “yes” is a creative killer, and I do it all the time. It is a hard fight, and I do mean fight to design in-spite of a client, especially when they have the power of “no”. When you are in-house and the clients or your friends, coworker and boss it is a greater challenge.

The holy grail in all this is not to merely be a better creative, a betternegotiator or a better salesman, it is to design, create and innovate with some measurable result in mind. So that you are seen as more than the person who picks fonts and colors.

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