Discovering our Innovation DNA

Posted by Taylor |18 Oct 10 | 0 comments

In an age where speed is everything, getting to market with an idea quickly, is imperative. This way you beat out competition, keep up with demand and one’s creative culture maintains inertia. The question for me is how to discover our management’s Innovation DNA. At our core, how do we as a company makes decisions, choose a direction and then measure those outcomes?

Business Week

UPDATE: By 2012, I was no longer with the same company I was working at whenI wrote this back in 2010. I have lost more than a job. I lost some naivety too. When a CEO starts talking about Innovation and being cutting edge I no longer assume, he means it or even knows what is it.

In fact, he is like the guy back in High School that tells you he’s cool and then attempts to prove it by telling you the nickname he gave himself. 🙂

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