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I have been a creative director, designer, photo retoucher, photographer, trainer and small business owner. I’ve been a waiter, welder, playground installer and the guy who patches potholes.

I solve problems for fun. The problems can be design, people, relationship, philosophical, mechanical or even silly video games, it doesn’t matter. I love to figure stuff out.

In the 90’s I earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts and my education continues, where I’ve learned the lessons of greatest value in the evolution of my career: resourcefulness, creativity, adventurousness, respect for diverse approaches and solutions, and the conviction that anything is possible.

I’ve traveled to 40 of our nation’s 50 states and visited ten countries–two of which I snuck in to. Our first Christmas together, my wife and I helped to secertly transport 2,000 pounds of chicken to cook Christmas dinner for a small village outside of Matamoros, Mexico. We’ve housed 14 foreign exchange students, three of whom have come for a second visit, one a third. My senior year in high school, I stayed in a Mexican orphanage for part of my summer vacation. I’ve ridden an elephant, played fetch with a lion, and bottle-fed a newborn bear. I’ve been a substitute high school teacher, and done mentoring, listening and counseling with several teen organizations. In 2011, I won an award for a children’s story now used in a school curriculum. I’ve worked for a carpenter, plumber, landscaper, house painter, nine food-establishments, and three photo-labs, where I accumulated more than 25,000 hours in Photoshop. I taught Drivers Ed and taken more than 100,000 digital photos. I’m 22 years married and have two children, a 13-year-old girl, and 9-year-old boy from whom I continue to learn the most.