Garage to Office Conversion

Posted by Taylor |04 Dec 14 | 8 comments

Garage to Office Conversion

Day 1: After about five hours of rearranging, I was able to get everything out of the third garage bay and into the main area for later sorting.

Day 2: The ceiling was removed, as well as garage door parts. The flooring scraped and prepped.

Day 3: The floor was installed, creating a nice level surface. Insulation and electricity were added as well as light fixtures in the ceiling. The faux wall was constructed in front of the garage door.

Day 4: Today a lot of little things happened. The lighting was installed using dedicated new electrical. The room’s electoral outlets, light, and fans are divided between each side of the room. It’ll be like have separate temp and lighting controls in a car. Insulation, soundboard, and drywall went up. This should be a very quiet space. :) The AC ductwork was installed and is making its way to two vents in the room. I have to pick a door for the garage entrance and the all glass door to the backyard is already on order. Can’t wait to see what they get done tomorrow.

Day 5: We are getting close. One of the two ordered doors arrived. Fingers crossed that the second arrives soon. AC ducts were added as well as outdoor lights. Finally, the drywall was mudded and prepped for painting. Still, haven’t decided on paint color and flooring.

Day 7: The last two days have mainly been drywall and mudding. Both doors were installed today as well as the outlets and light switches. We’re getting close to paint and carpet.

Day 8: More drywall mudding and I added the lights. Carpet comes next week. :)

Day 9: Paint, Ceiling fans, and outlets, plus the fixtures.

Day 17: Well, it took a while to get carpet, but Rowan and I went to Ikea and bought a bunch of cabinets and desks and stuff. I moved all the tall cabinets in tonight.

 Day 20: I’m in my office, waiting for the couch.


    1. I’m not sure. I never added it all up. Kind of afraid to know. 🙂

      Including the materials and labor, carpet, Ikea, sofa, the 4k Sony TV, two Herman Miller chairs and the LG Air Conditioner. I’d guess around $15K.

      I love it. My wife complains that she see me less not that I work at home. Best office I’ve ever had.

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