Happy New Year

Posted by Taylor |31 Dec 10 | 0 comments

Today is doubly special for me. Like most, it’s a time to make new resolutions, restart unfinished projects, reorganize and of course lose weight. 🙂

But on this day, six years ago, my son was born. Of all the things I have designed, envisioned and thought to create my children are by far the pinnacle of what I will produce. While I can only take partial credit, for who they are and will be, I do take pride in knowing that I approach them with intent and a desired outcome.

My mom told me years ago that my job as a parent is simple and two fold.

She said, “Teach them to leave you well and have fun doing it.”

It is imperative when we design or create something that we have an end in mind. We need something that shows us and our client we are not only finished, but that we were successful. The mission matters, but the results are proof of the value we bring.

In a lot of ways, the analogy of raising kids and designing falls flat. However, as design as become more organic or life giving ( ie Facebook, or Twitter) it seems to be moving into a more appropriate comparison.

After all isn’t your website, your baby? 🙂

Happy New Year

ps. Happy Birthday Rowan


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