Altus Business

Serial entrepreneur and life-long aviation enthusiast Morgan Perry has come to me for several brand packages over the course of 20 years. The most recent of these has been for Altus Jet Club, Inc., an alternative jet transportation service that provides a Private Jet Experience at an Airline Price.™ The service delivers the comfort, convenience and speed of the golden era of jet transportation, which has been lost to massive and crowded terminals, TSA, and consolidation of the airline industry into an oligopoly that has become insensitive to consumers. The brand, correspondingly, needs to convey premium, but accessible, quality, ease, and simplicity. “One of the many positive things that strikes me after working with Taylor” says Mr. Perry, “is how thoroughly he saturates himself in my businesses and their needs. Repeatedly, he has impressed me with the depth of consideration he’s given to my business and related brand development, when effectively every other consultant I’ve hired comparatively scratches the surface. I guess that’s why I keep coming back.”

  • Client - Morgan Perry, CEO
  • Date - February 2015

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