The Pritchett Law Firm

Lawyers and law firms must operate under strict regulations by the bar with rules and regulations extending to marketing and branding. The first challenge to working with The Pritchett Law Firm centered around familiarizing myself with the “brand and design” restrictions and requirements placed on US law firms. Second, learning about the business objectives for each specialty area at Pritchett Law (Family, Contract, Sports Management and Business Law.)

The client was determined to break away from the bland and traditional branding one typically encounters in the legal profession. After several brainstorming sessions and an in-depth Discovery interview, Pritchett Law decided on using Chess as their metaphor.

In the game of Chess, the Rook is straightforward, guarding the parameters like a stalwart sentry yet reserves for itself a clever and intimate move specifically designed to protect the king. This powerful chess piece rendered well as a strong iconographic logo for Pritchett Law Firm – communicating to the client that their lawyers are strong, powerful, deliberate, strategic and protective.

  • Client - Jason Pritchett
  • Date - June 2012
  • Skills/Tools Used - Brand development, Business papers

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