Swear Words

Posted by Taylor |27 Mar 13 | 1 comments

My 8 year old son and I were running errands last weekend.

From the back seat Rowan inquires, “Dad?”

“What buddy.”

“There are two swear words, I wish I could say.”

I replied, “Really? Which ones?”

A short pause later, He said, “The O word and the H word.”

“Hum! Do you mean Hell?”

“No! The other H word.”

“Row, I don’t know another H word.”

“Dad! You know. (sh) (t)”


Rowan said it again, “(sh) (t)”

“Shit doesn’t start with H, it is the S word.”

“Dad, you just said shit, oops so did I” giggle giggle

Rowan and I discussed the proper phonetics of if this until he was satisfied it really was the S word.

Then I asked him what the O word was.

Rowan responded, “Dad. You know. Oh Shit!”

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  1. when Rowan was in WY and rideing horses with Michelle she said oh s—-, then she said she was sorry to Ro and he told her that was ok he wouldn’t tell anyone, then he said it really sounds like a fun word to say.

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