The Quick and the Dead

Posted by Taylor |26 Oct 10 | 0 comments

We recently flew to one of our branches and shot video at a trade show. Before we made it back and digitally captured the footage let alone begin to edit and create the final product, videos of those attending the show began popping up on YouTube.

You can watch one here. This is not actually at the show, but I liked it. (I made the can)

I am having to rethink, do we spend the time and money to fly, shot, edit, produce and post? Should we have abandoned the professional camera for a few iPhones? Alternatively, do we find user created content and link to it, call it good and move on to other projects?

Maybe next year we should have some sort of contest, encouraging the customers to make their own mini-documentaries and call it good.

p.s. Now we need to go finish our video.

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