What Not to Spend Your Time On

Posted by Taylor |22 Oct 10 | 0 comments

In asking myself the question, “What is it that only I can do?” instead of, “Who can do this best?” I have found a joy in my work I truly didn’t expect.

I am not a CEO, so it took me awhile to get the elegance of this simple paradigm, and how it might work in my small department.

Being in a company that recently moved across the country and thinned out its staff by around 40%. I was the only one left in my department. For the first two years, I was alone or training new designers, I was the one who could do “it” best.

However, I was not the only one who could do it. What a freeing thought. Once I’d reached 70+ hours a week it became self-evident that I needed my team to be as great as they could be, to own their own areas of duty and task. I no longer could do it all. It was then I realized that what it is that only I could do, was to cultivate their expertise and greatness.


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