Modern Grind

Client: Modern Grind Café
Role: Design, Branding, Storefront, Keynote
Industry: Food & Beverage
Services: ReBrand, Uniforms, Packaging



The client’s original concept, Daph’s Daily Perk, lacked the potential for growth, franchising, and the long-term objective of a corporate sale.


  • Create an easy to remember moniker that would stand out from competitors.
  • Create a unique look and feel that appeals to both her southwestern clientele and professional and active adults.
  • Create assets for social media and swag to popularize the brand.

Needs copy.


Also needs copy.


Something about packaging.



I created several Personas, based on whom she believed would most likely be her main clientele and gathered data from calling several local coffee shops.


I researched actual cattle brands, western art, camping, and hunting design brands and designs and female sports and workout attire brands.


Company Names:

I brainstormed a list of a hundred or so names.

The client and I quickly thinned it down to the best 10 or 15 that both had reasonable corresponding domains and seemed to have no trademark via Google.

In turn, the client presented her favorites to her family and investor, reducing our list down to three.

We submitted three brand finalists to a Trademark attorney for a legal search, and Modern Grind Coffee was selected, followed by the immediate purchase of

Setting the Mood:

I created three mood boards, one for lifestyle and product photography, one for fonts and color pallets, and a third for packaging, T-shirts, signage, and store interiors.

The Logo:

I chose the font Artic Regular, a bold slab, using all lower case for a more chic vibe. Utilizing the slab (serifs) ends to connect the M to the ring and trimming off other slabs simplifying the M in the tradition of cattle branding iron design.

The Brand color is a strong but elegant black. We chose black cups, black employee t-shirts, and black coffee bags, highlighting both the custom blend coffees and service quality.

I wanted to use a circle logo so that the icon would fit nicely in Social media Icons, on employee T-Shirts, and coffee cups. 

Social Media: 

I created and skinned each desired Social Media channel matching the new brand name.


Using a single line and the M outlined in a partial circle, I believe we successfully merge sleek contemporary and western ranch. The Modern Grind Brand is a wild success in Buckeye, Arizona, serving professionals before work, hunters, and campers early on weekend mornings with a drive through built to service cars, SUVs, and anyone in boots on a horse.