Emmis Publishing

Five City Websites. 60+ drag & drop modules. Custom colors and fonts. Millions of variations. One design.

Client: Emmis Publishing
Industry: Publishing
Role: Directions, Design, UX/UI
Services: Prototyping, Wireframing, Design, Style Guides



This project was a unique challenge. We had to create a master site that could spin off as many cities as Emmis chose. Our designs had five cities in mind.


We had to rethink web design and instead think modular. We designed over 60 drag-and-drop modules that were customizable and could be placed anywhere on the page since the pages would be updated on a daily basis by Emmis’ publishing teams.

Five Cities / Five Sites / One Design


In the end, we created a set of tools allowing five different publishing teams to customize pages to best suit their needs. Emmis had master controls allowing for better national news and ad campaigns.