Seven Seas

Client: Seven Seas
Industry: Food
Role: Designer
Services: Design, Packaging, Tradeshow


The original was designed many years ago and felt outdated. The opportunity was ripe (see what I did there?) for improvement and to consider how a new design might work for other product packaging.


We started with a custom suite of icons. We looked for ways to use the Seven Seas logo and green by adding a single color to the icon in a lower text area. We had to have enough room for English and Spanish to fit, while leaving plenty of areas for the product to show through the bag, box, or clamshell.


Rolling out the new design was extraordinary. We created t-shirts, SWAG and even a themed tradeshow booth using the icons.

One more before and after

An African Seven Sea partner, BIG FIVE, was so excited with the new designs that they opted to have me redesign one of their produce boxes. In the end, I designed over 12 different crates, boxes, labels, and bags for several of their products.