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I am a graphic designer, strategist and divergent thinker and I love helping people. Discovering possibilities, creating something new and watching the successful outcomes come to pass. This is where I drive the most satisfaction.

What makes me unique among my peers is how I approach each client and their request. I do not start by looking for problems to solve. I look for possibilities and the paths to reality. There is a good bet a client doesn’t have a dilemma that merely needs fixed, but rather untapped opportunities ready to be unleashed.

I bring three very important components to the conversation. I am the creative, the consultant and the strategist. If anyone of these is missing, your project will be random and arbitrary.

As a creative I ask, “What are the possibilities?”

As a consultant I ask, “What should be done?”

As a strategist I ask, “What will it cause?”





: (602) 688-1421

: taylor.aldridge@gmail.com

Taylor Aldridge


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2o years of ads, posters, t-shirts, brochure, and tradeshow booths.


Logos, Style Guides, Business Collateral and SWAG

Web Design

Fully responsive, mobile independant, built with WordPress.


Events, food, onsite, portriat

My resume

UI Design Strategist

Brainstorm Media2011 - 2014

• Managing partner, with responsibilities covering all design, marketing and sales. • Interacted with clients, walking them through the discovery, assessment and design phases of each project. • Crafted new graphic standards and philosophy, further empowering the client to maximize and maintain new image, strategy and brand guidelines.

Sr Designer

Openwave2000 - 2001

Responsible for all design and conference materials including sing, tradeshow booths and video graphics. Followed stick corporate style guidelines maintaining a consistent brand experience across all design materials.

Creative Director

10up.com2014 - Current

• Established a consistant and functional design process. • Built a seemless and efficent communication platform between designers and developers. • Helped create a system of checks and balances resulting in better QA and quality of end product. • Designed large scale client websites.

Creative Director

SGA2001 - 2012

Developed strategies to strengthen, cultivate and establish the company’s message, brand and culture. Devised a system to manage hundreds of projects, with complete transparency among the design team, allowing for crossover and project sharing and total integration of design consistency. Use of design in print, web and media to communicate each company and product identity. Managed a team of multi-disciplined design experts, leading them to create the best possible visual/communication solutions to a variety of job types.


Visual Ventures1999 - 2000

Worked closely with Art Director producing designs, brochures, multi-language white papers, banners and more. Handled production, vendors and printers.

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My Blog

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Speaking at WordCamp SF

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"The role of a creative leader is not to have all the ideas; it's to create a culture where everyone can have ideas and feel that they're valued. So it's much more about creating climates."

- Sir Ken Robinson

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  • taylor.aldridge@gmail.com

  • 602 688-1421

  • Phoenix, AZ 85050


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